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Fight the Swine Flu in Style
May 1, 2009, 5:30 pm
Filed under: art, health, humor

Irina Blok, has made a series of “fashion surgical masks” to, I don’t know, add that much needed dose of humor at the airport while your body temp is being scanned at the airport, and the toddler next to you is coughing and sneezing and running around touching everyone and everything that he can, followed by a showing of Outbreak for the in-flight movie, wondering how in the world are you going to enjoy those tiny little pretzels and the cup of water you had to pay for.

Or, perhaps you can rock these walking around in public, nodding to your friends in the neighborhood as they watch you walk your dog from the living room of their home, which has been completely taped down and sealed, while they subsist on the cans of spam and rolls of ritz (if they were lucky) they stockpiled, wondering how long it will take to train their outdoor cat how to use the facilities instead.

Either way, good luck getting your hands on these puppies.

I am planning to produce very limited edition of these in about 4 weeks and they will cost about $10 (plus $3 S&H).Email me to get your name on the list…

Too little too late? I hope not. I quite fashion the beardface one myself.