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On Michael Jackson’s Work Ethic
June 27, 2009, 11:44 am
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I’ve so far resisted to posting about Michael Jackson. It seemed it would only be an unnecessary drop in the bucket of worldwide grief on his death.

However, NPR has been doing an amazing job covering Michael Jackson from numerous perspectives, and this caught my ear more than others..

Spike Lee, who worked with Jackson on the video for “They Don’t Care About Us,” talked with NPR’s Scott Simon from France about Michael Jackson, his work with him, his legacy, his favorite songs, and the world’s reaction to his death.

Spike Lee: “What really got me… ¬†people are talking about, like they’re experts… they don’t know Michael.. they were talking al types of stuff… they might have met the guy one time. You know, I think they should really have, for me, and maybe they couldn’t get them, but had the people who worked with Michael, who were there, when he was in the studio, creating, who was there when they were reharsing, doing the choreography, let’s talk about the work.

Scott Simon: “Do you mind telling us… what did you learn from Michael Jackson close up that the other people are missing?”

Spike Lee: “Work Ethic.”

“I’ve met a lot of great athletes, Michael Jordan, recently made a documentary on Kobe Bryant, and these guys are known for their work ethic. And as great as Michael was, and as great as Kobe is, Michael could give those guys a run for their money when it comes to work ethic.”

You can listen to the story here.

Also, and this goes to a very good friend of mine who has spent time in Africa, and is the biggest Michael Jackson fan I know, NPR also did a story on Africa mourning the King of Pop:

Remarking on an earlier visit to Senegal, when he was still a teenager and the lead singer of the Jackson 5, he told¬†Ebony magazine: “The drums and sounds filled the air with rhythm. I was going crazy, I was screaming, ‘All right! They got the rhythm … This is it. This is where I come from. The origin.'”

Long live the King.